Caseificio Nuovo was established in 1987 after thirty years of experience in the dairy sector. Over the years, our production philosophy has stayed true to the highest quality standards: we select only the best milk from farms located in the provinces of Siena and Pisa, carefully controlled and analysed daily, and use only Volterra Salt. Each product is prepared with utmost care, respecting tradition and without any preservatives, to keep the wholesome taste of good artisan cheese.

We still process our cheese manually: as early as two hours after milking, the milk reaches our dairy, where it is pasteurised, poured into the curdling vats and added with enzymes and rennet; the curd thus obtained is placed in moulds that give shape to our products. During the day, the wheels are turned over by hand several times and placed in the drying chamber.

The following morning, our master cheese-makers hand-sprinkle food grade salt on the wheels. The cheese now starts its maturing phase, during which it rests for about 10 days. At this point, unripe cheese is ready for consumption, whereas semi-ripened and ripened cheeses are moved to the ripening chambers, where they will stay for a time ranging between 3 and 12 months.